Shadows (Anderson Special Ops, Book 1)

Shadows (Anderson Special Ops, Book 1)
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When does a man have enough? When his wife is viciously attacked. What comes next? Well, if the woman attacked is Katherine Anderson, beloved wife of Joseph Anderson, what comes next is a nightmare for anyone foolish enough to harm the single most important person in his world.

Joseph Anderson is the patriarch of the world-famous Anderson Empire who believes in family above all else. There’s nothing he hasn’t accomplished, and now he has a new mission — to take down the scum of Seattle. And he’s doing this by funding an elite special ops team no one will see coming, but everyone will feel the impact from. As Katherine’s life hangs in the balance, Joseph uncovers a world he didn’t want to believe existed.

New York Times Best Selling Author Melody Anne embarks on a brand new series packed with alpha males and strong women who are in a battle for more than just love. She’s collaborating with brand new author, John Henley, a military veteran who’s served and worked shoulder to shoulder with some of the military’s most elite and finest warriors, in some of the world’s most austere locations. Together they’ve built a storyline that will whet your appetite for danger, passion, romance and suspense. You’ll weep and laugh as you go through this journey with a unique set of characters unlike anything Melody has written before. Not only will you see all of the Andersons you’ve come to love, but you’ll also get a new team of special ops men who won’t allow evil to lurk in the shadows. This team is headed by an Anderson favorite, Chad Redington, who’s married to Bree Anderson.

Shadows, Book One, opens up with Jon Eisenhart, aka, Eyes, and Carl Schwartz, aka, Sleep on a mission that goes all wrong and will forever change their lives. When they make it out, they’re eventually invited into a new team, where they come together with Tyrell Rice, aka, Smoke, Steve Bregon, aka, Brackish, and Hendrick Meeks, aka, Green. All five men are former Special Forces who know how to work hard and play harder. Unbeknownst to all of them is it might not be just their lives on the line — it might be their hearts, and these fierce warriors might just feel their feet knocked out from beneath them without ever seeing it coming.

Carl Schwartz meets Avery Klum, a defense attorney getting the wrong men released back on the streets. He thinks he’s going to bring justice to those without a voice, but maybe she’ll be the one bringing something to his life he didn’t need or even know he wanted. Can he walk away from the woman when his new mission starts? Or will he fall in the line of duty? It’s not going to be an easy decision, and it might be taken out of his hands.

If you love romance, passion, action and men you’ll want to come and rescue you, then dive on in for this brand new series people haven’t been able to put down.

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