Phoenix Ashes (Previously Midnight Fire Book 3)

Phoenix Ashes (Previously Midnight Fire Book 3)
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Phoenix and Sadie are suddenly living in an America that is no longer a nation. Rebel troops and corrupt government have goals of building a New World. They must exterminate the old America and those who lived in it before they can build anew. Cities are nothing but ghost towns as Americans have either been taken prisoner, gruesomely killed, or are in hiding.

Surviving Americans are banning together and fighting to take back their country — but rebel troops are not the only enemy. Vyco has commanded his followers to no longer lurk in darkness, but to fight against Phoenix and take her captive, killing anyone who interferes. With the assistance of Jayden, and his sister, Cassidy, Phoenix and her tight-knit group of friends combat the Evil that has held power for far too long.

Who will save the world from complete annihilation? Brian — Sadie — Jayden — Phoenix — John — Cassidy? They will either take back their land and have the happily ever after they all desire. Or they will be pulled into the darkness to forever be lost. Will they survive, or will loss of one of them defeat them all?

** This was previously released in 2013 as Midnight Storm; Rise of the Dark Angel. Significant changes were made in deleting and adding material and changing the storyline. **

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