Opal (Twelve Horizons of Charlie, Book 3) (Audiobook)

Opal (Twelve Horizons of Charlie, Book 3) (Audiobook)
About the Book

Charlie Diamond is in the courtroom again as new charges are added to her case. She doesn’t blink. She’s on a journey and she knows she has to see it through to the end, even if it’s getting more and more difficult to tell her story and be encased in the pain this brings.

We go on another journey with Charlie as we begin her next chapter in life with her in Texas at a courthouse . . . getting married again. Why? Because this is the next step she needs to take. She finds more about herself in this place as she walks through the life she should’ve shared with Bentley. Will she be able to let this man go? Is he the one she needs to stand with forever?

She’s still lost as she takes a vacation in The Caribbean, but then it takes a twist and brings Charlie back home again. This time someone follows her to the place it all began. Who will it be? You’ll have to dive back into the story to find out. Is this person her forever husband, or is he someone she’ll walk away from again? Nothing in Charlie’s life is black and white, and it won’t be in this story either.

Continue the journey of Charlie and Stephy and an adventure that keeps us guessing as to what’s going to happen next as she races around the world to live the dreams of her, Bentley, and Stephanie as she becomes a new person with each new location she comes to until she finds whom she was always meant to be.

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