Onyx (Twelve Horizons of Charlie, Book 5) (Audiobook)

Onyx (Twelve Horizons of Charlie, Book 5) (Audiobook)
About the Book

We’ve all gone through an incredible journey with Charlie Diamond in this unique series from NYT’s best-selling author Melody Anne. You’ve been waiting for the final chapter and here it is. It might not be what you’ve been expecting.

Find out in this final book in the series why Charlie went on this journey through the United States, through different countries around the world, and then comes back home each time. We finish this journey and find the man who finally unclips her wings, who loves her through it all. Who will it be? You might be shocked at how this one ends.

Each of the journey’s Charlie has been on in the past ten years has been essential to who she is now. What comes next for Charlie? You’ll find out in this book. She finally gets her happy ending. Will it be the same one you’d choose for her? Or will you close the book in tears? There’s only one way to find out.

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