Midnight Eclipse (Rise of the Dark Angel, Book 4)

Midnight Eclipse (Rise of the Dark Angel, Book 4)
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The final book in the Rise of the Dark Angel Series is here!

Pushed to the edge of darkness, Phoenix will find out who her true friends are in this exciting, frightening world she has now found herself so much more a part of than she ever would have chosen to be.

With the death of Vyco and everyone’s beloved Chastity, as well as the total annihilation of the West Coast of the United States, Phoenix has to come to terms with a brand new world. Does she choose to fight for the people, or should she save herself and those she loves most? And why would Josiah choose her to be the new savior of the world?

Johnathan has now aligned himself to the dark side, and Phoenix finds herself devastated as he sinks into the darkness with Jessica by his side. She’s never been without her brother, and now that he seems to be the new leader of the darkest forces, does she have no other choice other than to fight against the one she loves the most?

With Jayden, Sadie and Brian by her side – the only constants in her life, she will fight this evil that has overtaken her planet and she will either die trying or she will manage to save the world. Little does Phoenix know, though, that there’s more forces against her than in her corner.

Find out what decisions Phoenix chooses to make in this exciting conclusion to the “Rise of the Dark Angel” Series by New York Times best selling author Melody Anne, and co-written by break-out author Phoenix Lynn.

  • Author:
  • Series: Rise Of The Dark Angel, Book 4
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • ASIN: B015IE3M3E
    ISBN: 9781517403546

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