Emerald (Twelve Horizons of Charlie, Book 4)

Emerald (Twelve Horizons of Charlie, Book 4)
About the Book

Charlie Diamond’s back in the fourth book of the series. She’s ready for her next adventure even though she feels more lost than ever before. She’s met some incredible people who have changed her life, and she feels she’s getting closer than ever to finding guilt-free happiness. Read the book fans are saying they can’t put down.

We begin this next adventure on Catalina Island in the city of Avalon. Charlie decides she’s going to move to the island and become a fisherwoman for the rest of all time. She’s not sure how she’s going to accomplish this, but all she knows for sure is she needs to repair her heart after losing her baby and the man she thought she’d love forever.

As soon as Charlie steps onto the island she meets Mona who will change her life . . . next comes Jason and his irresistible niece Makayla. Can she resist this island and all of the people who don’t know the meaning of a personal bubble? Or will she leave?

Part two of the book begins with Charlie sitting in Ireland, but her restful peace doesn’t last long before she’s pulled to Seattle where she meets a man larger than life, and another who first saves her, then sets her free.

Who is the man Charlie gets to live with forever? This book brings us one step closer. See if you can figure out the ending. It’s coming very soon, and the journey will make it all worth it in the end.

Series: Twelve Horizons of Charlie
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