Barriers (Anderson Special Ops, Book 3)

Barriers (Anderson Special Ops, Book 3)
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Hendrick Meeks, also known as Green to his military brother’s in arms, is in trouble — big trouble. There are two women in his life that want a piece of him, and he doesn’t know which way to turn.

Hendrick’s has always been the youngest man at any stage of his career. He was a sniper for the US Navy SEAL’s and knows how to nail his target. Green stands over six feet tall, and with his baby face, blue eyes, and dark hair, he’s melted hearts from the time he stepped into his first classroom. He always knew he was going places in life, and he joined the Navy at the age of seventeen, then entered the SEAL program as the youngest member to this day. He’s also the youngest military member to receive the Medal of Honor. Nothing in life will slow him down.

Though Hendrick’s is reserved, it’s only because he’s always watching everything around him, sizing up every situation, and getting ready for his next mission. He left the military after eight years of service to start his own company, becoming a multimillionaire after only two years. When Chad Reddington asked him to join a Special Ops team founded by Joseph Anderson, he didn’t hesitate to begin a new chapter in his life.

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