The Andersons are back in this exciting new line of the bestselling series everyone is talking about. In this new series, you will meet Richard Storm and his five children, Crew, Ashton, Tanner, Lance and Brielle. Find out the circumstances that ripped Richard away from his brothers, Joseph and George Anderson, and then see how the family finally comes together because the bonds of family are too strong to keep the Andersons apart forever.

Richard Storm is saddened that his children are throwing away their lives, so he gives them an ultimatum. They have two years to take a failing business and make it a success or they lose their trust funds, and are on their own. His stubborn children think he’s gone insane, but they don’t know the powerful secret that can knock them to their knees and tear their family apart forever.

Will they come together as they should, or will their family lose each other in the tragic circumstances?

Crew Storm opens an exclusive resort in the Catalina Islands off the coast of California, and pride fills him as he accomplishes the impossible. Everything is going on track until a blonde steps into his life and begs him to teach her how to be the perfect seductress.

Haley Sutherland is done with her fears, done being a wallflower and done being unseen. She comes up with a brilliant idea to find the perfect person to teach her how to seduce the man she truly wants. Who she chooses to be her teacher is Crew Storm, and though he refuses at first, soon his intrigue of her overrides his better judgment and they embark on a wild adventure.

This story will take you on a journey through the heart as Crew teaches Haley more than she ever thought she needed to learn, and finds himself gaining something he didn’t even know he was missing.

Reunite with the Andersons as they discover new relatives and meet this new branch of the Anderson line. Will love truly conquer all, or will pride make them lose everything they never knew they had.